Did I ever post my absolute favorite thing from revenge

Asker eustacebagg Asks:
Hey, Dave. It is my duty to let you know that Hatsune Miku is gonna be on David Letterman on October 8th. The future is now. (HATSUNE MIKU)
fastkarate fastkarate Said:

Sounds like a HOT(SUNE MIKU) way to close out your talk show career.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you think Natural Doctrine might be worth checking out?
fastkarate fastkarate Said:

Hadn’t even heard of it! When I looked it up I was gonna be like “eeeh, NIS games aren’t really my thing. Disgaea’s way too crunchy.” But I guess it’s actually developed by Kadokawa Games… who’ve been responsible for Lunar, but more recently Demon’s Gaze.

So I dunno! I mean this stuff looks promising. 

Asker moctobot Asks:
But Dave, hunter x hunter is only 148 episodes. It ends on Sept 23.
fastkarate fastkarate Said:


You guys, 148 is still a lot! Especially when it’s subtitled so I can’t just leave it on when I’m doing more engaging stuff like Final Fantasy crafting dailies~ Which is what I’m doing with Psych right now.

I mean it’s on the list, but so’s like a billion other shows and video game season is currently spooling up like mad. :D :D :D :D

Asker railith Asks:
You should really hit up that Hunter X Hunter if you liked that pre timeskip One Piece.
fastkarate fastkarate Said:

I know people be sayin’ that. But I have a sinking suspicion that I got one 400+ episode anime show in my life and One Piece was it.

Some men work.

Some men dream.

People gonna hate on Dark Souls 2, and not all their reasons are wrong, but some of this stuff is really cool. Also the stuff with bosses changing in NG+ in the main game. Even though many are just adds, sometimes they’re ninja adds! Wish they could’ve done that with every boss, but I accept the reality of not spending precious budget money on things most players will never see—a philosophy at the center of many of my video game woes, come to think about it.

Dawn of the Second Week



what have I become

Asker dgnick Asks:
I don't want to get too sappy so I'll keep this brief: I don't know where I'd be without the podcast. Certainly a worse person I would expect. I tried a little exercise today to imagine what my life would be without it. Perhaps it speaks to the profound effect it had on me because that idea is just entirely unimaginable. It's a completely irreplaceable part of my life now. Thank you (and Joel).
fastkarate fastkarate Said:

I think you have to know how tsuntsun Nick is to truly appreciate this post. :D

Everyone’s gonna be affected by someone, so it’s nice to feel like I’m paying forward all the good things I got in life. Thanks everyone for all the kind words yesterday. I’ll relay them to Joel. 

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You should check out Unlimited World Red. It is totes fun and you have the ability to play it like on four platforms. Like not the you as in generic user, but you as in YOU. Cuz you're rich. And you buy games instead of have babies.
fastkarate fastkarate Said:

I tried it and it didn’t grab me. Felt a little better than those Musou games, but not by enough to keep me interested. 

Also I’m less rich than you’d think. I just maintain a very gaudy outward life to hide my crumbling finances. In truth, I am sticking all that crunchyroll manga I read in my walls to act as insulation, because I can’t afford heat. :(

But since you can only stream crunchyroll manga I’m actually insulating my walls with iPads, so maybe I am rich! :D