I know we’re a TNG blog but this made me laugh and I’m sure many of you will enjoy this. I look forward to the day when we start assessing DS9 fashions. BUT FIRST WE MUST FINISH TNG. 

h/t to my girl Leanna!

I don’t know WHY this is but I am happy it is.

So anyway, DS9 still the best Trek by xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

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Filing motion to replace Speedwagon with Joseph as most moe jojo's character as of his saying "OH MY GOD" like 15 times that one episode.
fastkarate fastkarate Said:

Motion temporarily tabled because SPOILERS I HAVEN’T GOTTEN THAT FAR.

Don’t tell me about Speedwagon Usurpation. I’m not ready. :(

A classic.

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"What’cha thinking about?"

"Giant, ridiculous hat stuff."

Cc huzzahdave

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So, having finished the first Pathfinder Adventure Card Game, Rise of the Rune Lords, I came away mostly being like “that was super fun!” while also having some caveats that made the experience a little fussy for me. That being saiiiid… I don’t think there’s a game I’ve enjoyed playing more than this one, and I don’t think there’s one we’ve nerded out harder over. We (I) bought dumb little figurines. I even surreptitiously printed up standees on card stock at work. It’s hard to imagine anything could beat it… except for this sequel, coming soon and featuring half-elf gunslingers


I’ll probably be short on defining terms in this one, since I already wrote a very long post in reply to NthDegree’s question about the basics of the game. Go ahead and read that, if you’d like! Also be aware: this post will be longer. This post will be too long by half

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Hoblarp what are you doing.

You made that helmet out of a tomato soup can

Go get me some fish



Hercules VS Bear

THAT…didn’t end like how I thought it would end

A scene I remember more from doing a podcast about horrible nerd stuff than seeing the movie. One of the many Fast Karate Apocrypha.


I made this comic while staying at a hotel for Comic-Con! Didn’t get to see Jack though. :(

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This show also known as: Out Out, Funky Spot!

Hey! We don’t have time for stuff like The creator of the Yahwg’s new horror comic book or Final Fantasy XIV. This is a 24 podcast only, mister! And it’s time to send off the show that keeps making us send it off (and we hope it’ll do it again sometime soon!)

Topics for Consideration:
Don’t You Remember You Told Me You Loved Me Sho-By.
A Tragic Loss of Funyun Life.
Old Man Kung-Fu/Conspicuous Samurai Swords.
The Chronicles of Aaron Pierce.
President Audrey’s Dad’s Distressingly Dispassionate Eulogy at President Audrey’s Dad’s Daughter’s Funeral.
Tunnel Mole Tony.
The Long Suffering of the Kim Bauer Children.

Music Selection: In Some Parallel Universe, It’s [Jack Bauer’s] “Panic” [On The Streets of London and/or Everywhere].

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